Director of Operations

Why Operations at Vacasa We live by a simple motto: happy team, happy owners, happy guests. Our local people are what set Vacasa apart. We're hospitality professionals dedicated to the communities we work with. We're the behind-the-scenes problem-solvers who create worry-free experiences for our owners and guests. What we're looking for Vacasa is looking for a strong leader who is competent, energetic, and highly skilled in communications and people management to join our team as a Regional Director for Idaho, Montana, and Utah. The Regional Director is part of our leadership team for Operations helping to shape our organization to usher our diverse and geographically dispersed field staff to success. A day in the life of your staff might include everything from owner communications, selling Vacasa services, cleaning inspections, stocking a new home and staging it for its first guest, walking an owner through their monthly statement to completing routine maintenance or cleaning a home. You are responsible for identifying leaders, coaching and growing your team into strong general managers who can manage to KPIs and understand where better efficiency can be gained while balanced against a focus on quality. Above all else, you will be a strong leader who drives your team to create amazing owner, guest and employee experiences.   What you'll do This position will require you to be cool under pressure, and balance challenging priorities on a regular basis. We are a vacation company and we will be the busiest when most folks are taking vacations-ie weekends, spring break, summer, etc. We'll need you to be available. Guide your staff on strategic development within their regions. Provide the team with a vision of the project objectives. Traveling to and working in your region will be expected often. Motivate and inspire your team members. Communicate expected results, set expectations and instill a high level of accountability within your team. Lead a geographically dispersed team of 6 - 10 direct reports and 100 - 200 employees in your full organizational structure. Leverage your leadership skills to work with the full Vacasa leadership team to continue building a strong organization while also leaning on strong management skills to guide your staff day to day. The skills you'll need Natural born leader: as a Regional Director, you will have a medium to large team. Your ability to lead the team in a collective and positive way is essential. You will also need to work with our team of other Regional Directors and full leadership team to continually improve our service, strategy and set long term goals. Ability to analyze and interpret financial and other data for your region and perform cost-benefit analysis to recommend best practices for your team Communicator: proactively communicate with your General Managers in person and through email, video conference and telephone to ensure that they are equipped with the information and support they need to run their regions. Problem Solver: at Vacasa, we always seek to head problems off at the pass, but chaos theory prevails and we can't pre-solve for everything. When something doesn't go according to plan, you will need to go into action and work with teams across Vacasa to turn problems into opportunities. Computer Savvy: Our custom developed management software has set Vacasa apart as an industry leader. We use our system to manage all aspects of our business. While we will never ask you to do any coding, we will want you to be very comfortable thinking through how we might use technology to better our service. Change Agent: At Vacasa, we firmly believe that every employee should be a stakeholder in improving our owner and guest experience. As an agent of change we will ask you to help identify areas where we have an opportunity to improve. Self Starter: To find success at Vacasa you need to be self motivated, and ready to blaze your own path. This doesn't mean we don't have guard rails, it means we want to be impressed.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
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